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Michelle is a fun-loving mother, wife, and entreprenuer.  She started Blue Steel over 11 years ago while she was planning weddings with her company Weddings by Michelle.  As a planner, she recognized the need for proper lighting and understood how it could enhance an event to a whole new level.  Her charisma and vision has made her a superstar in the event industry.

Kaci is a brilliant graduate of Virginia Wesleyan.  She began her career as an intern with Blue Steel and has worked her way up to production manager.  She carefully passes all the information from our design team to our production team.  

Jeremy is the loving father of his 4 year old son, Jeremy Jr.  Jeremy Sr. began his lighting career when his wife, Michelle, decided to start a lighting company, and he now serves as the lead designer and director of production.  His outside the box approach and creativity have propelled Blue Steel to the forefront of the industry.  Jeremy is a highly sought after consultant in theatrical design, architectural lighting, and optical design in the firearms industry. 

Blue Steel employs many people from all different trades.  Each brings their own skills and ideas to the team, but they are thoroughly trained in the Blue Steel guidelines and mission to ensure that each and every event is a success.

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We can provide any type of lighting for your wedding or special event.   We are experts in bringing your vision "to light" by using state of the art technology, experience, and creativity. 


Draping takes a highly skilled team to get  results that are seamless.  Draping not done correctly can appear amateurish and even shoddy.  Let us show you how it is done.


Whether a standard business meeting, awards banquet, or an over-the-top extravaganza, we will provide you with all of your audio and video needs. Let's make your event one of a kind.

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Our experience, creativity, and efficiency is why so many put their trust in us. 

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the Willards

"...I know I had a hard time articulating my vision, but your patience and effort in figuring it out was not unnoticed and was very much appreciated."

the Gilbreaths

"...our guests are still talking about how amazing you made the room look.  Continue to do your amazing work."

the Buckmans

"Blue Steel Lighting went above and beyond when it came to our wedding.
I don't know why anyone would hire any other lighting company."

the Colemans

"I had no idea lighting was a thing for weddings but it without a doubt makes all the difference in the world. Blue Steel did an ah-mazing job!"

the Banaags

"Thanks so much for working with our budget, you truly helped us have our dream wedding."

the Perrys

"Most guests that came to our wedding had seen the space before and they were literally speechless at how amazing it looked! Guests were calling my parents the next day to tell them they couldn't believe that it was the same space!"


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How much does lighting cost?

Let's go ahead and get to the hardest question first.  The answer is extremely difficult without knowing all the information about the event.  BUYER BEWARE of the set price with a set number of fixtures.  This sales technique indicates that the company has not given a lot of thought about your event.  Pricing is based on room size, the look you are trying to achieve, and specific upgrades you may wish to purchase.  I would highly recommend speaking to a company that specializes in event lighting. 

Is Blue Steel more expensive than other lighting companies?

Short answer-No.  But we should be :) There are short cuts that others take that are NOT worth the risk of failure at your event.  Even so-if we accurately compare our pricing with some others, we offer more value for your money.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to work with Blue Steel, we look forward to showing why Blue Steel is the best option for you.   Ask one of our team members how we can make it affordable for you.

How many uplights do you use at an event?

We do not price per uplight.  We price per room and we use the correct amount to make the event look terrific.  Think about it:  lets say you purchase a competitors package for 16 uplights and on your event day, it doesn't seem  bright enough and there are gaps between lights, how do you fix that on event day or whose fault is it for not getting the room to look right?  I would suggest the competitors excuse would be "Well, that's what you ordered!"  We feel it is our job to help you get it right on this once in a lifetime event.

Will someone from Blue Steel be at my event?

Always.  We don't take chances with your event and beware of a company that would.  Unexpected things occur at events and our response time needs to be seconds not hours.  Let's just say something happens that requires a technician to fix.  We can jump right on it, as opposed to a company that needs to be called to send send someone out.  You don't let an go an hour or two to go by with a malfunction that is unattended especially if the event is only 5-6 hours.

Do you have battery powered lights?

Yes we do.  But we don't use them very often.  Battery powered lights are far inferior to the production style lights we use, and they are only about 25% of the brightness.  While they are easier for the the production team to set up, they do not meet the quality and standards that clients expect from Blue Steel.  Most battery powered lights have narrow beams that are supposed to make the light appear brighter; however the end result appears as a "stripe" of light up the wall and not a pleasant look.

My DJ offers an uplighting package at a discount, should I go with it?

DJ companies are increasingly using uplight packages as an add-on, or an upsale.  So the answer is... probably not.  I can't speak for every DJ company, but DJ's companies generally view the lighting as an easy way to make a couple extra bucks without a lot of work.  Battery powered lights make it easy for them to put low-powered lights around the room with hardly any interest in the overall look or atmosphere of the room.   DJ's are many times very adamant about the difference between a "professional DJ" and "someone who thinks they are a DJ."  We would add that there is an even a bigger difference between a DJ and a lighting company- but once the customer figures it out, its too late!